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Get set for your first 5K race in just 8 weeks | Coached by Julia Jones

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Complete your first 5K in just eight weeks with our step-by-step training plans, kickass Forum and unlimited support.

Julia Jones
Julia Jones
Up & Running Coach

Coach Julia Jones

Course Curriculum

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Your 5 Step Guide to Kicking 5K Butt
Course Schedule
Meet Your Support Crew
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Warm Up Week :: April 18–24
Warm Up Week Checklist
Hello from Coach Julia
What's your motivation?
Choose a tangible goal
Take the Up & Running Pledge
Where to run
How to measure your running route
Week 1 Training Plan
Why you need a training diary
What is Free Form Running?
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Week 1 :: April 25–May 1
A message from Coach Julia
Making time for running
How to get your butt out the door :)
Top tips from 5K Course graduates
It's time to choose your 5K race
Free Form Running tips
Runner of the Week: Alison C
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Week 2 :: May 2–8
It's Feet Week!
How to train your feet
The Stork: the essential exercise
Running aches and pains
Runner of the Week: Shona Macpherson
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Week 3 :: May 9–15
Learning about speed
Why the first 20 minutes of your run might suck
Renovate your body
Food as running fuel
Runner of the Week: Jo Chapple
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Week 4 :: May 16–22
Welcome to Week 4
Running as moving meditation
Try a lo-fi run
How to get out of your own way
Runner of the Week: Margaret Robertson
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Week 5 :: May 23–29
How to make it to the finish line
Common running obstacles
My running community
How to build your own running community
Runner of the Week: Krissie P
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Week 6 :: May 30–June 5
Walking versus running
Video: About that 5K race
My pre-run rituals
What happens when the 5K Course is over?
Runner of the Week: Anne T
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Week 7 :: June 6–12
Video: Running in Progression
Seeing your body as a whole organism
Cross training
What’s up with the crazy exercises?
Runner of the Week: Alexandra
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Training Plans
Week 1 Plan
Week 1 Diary
Week 2 Plan
Week 2 Diary
Week 3 Plan
Week 3 Diary
Week 4 Plan
Week 4 Diary
Week 5 Plan
Week 5 Diary
Week 6 Plan
Week 6 Diary
Week 7 Plan
Week 7 Diary
Week 8 Diary
Week 8 Plan
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Week 8 :: June 13–19
Video: Preparing for your 5K Race
Runner of the Week: Philippa Moore
Mega Race Day Guide
Running beyond the 5K
A lifetime of fitness
Video + Good Luck + Housekeeping
How to join the Alumni community
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Exercises and Stretches
Exercise: Arm Swings
Exercise: Heel Lifts
Exercise: Skipping
Bonus Exercise: Ankle Circles
Exercise: Half Squat and March
Exercise: Side Skips
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