Up & Moving

The six-week course for walkers — and future runners. Because you were made to move. | Coached by Julia Jones

About this Course

Since we launched Up & Running we’ve had scores of requests for a stepping stone between the couch and our 5K Course. Introducing… Up & Moving!

If you...

  • are completely new to exercise
  • are returning to fitness after a break
  • crave expert guidance + wildly encouraging support
  • need a joint-friendly, low impact exercise option
  • enjoying having a structured plan to follow
  • want help reaching the recommended sub-12 minute/km walking pace to join our 5K Course

  • are determined to make exercise a lifelong healthy habit.

… then Up & Moving is the perfect course for you.

Up & Moving gives you all the tools to get moving on a regular basis… and enjoying it too! A combination of walking and simple resistance exercises, this six week course is self-paced - so you can dive in and start training whenever it suits you.

Whether you're working towards the Up & Running 5K Course or you simply want to get fit, Up & Moving will help you get moving… and stay moving.

Here's what you receive:

  • Six weeks of practical, baby-step-by-baby-step PDF training plans created by expert running coach Julia Jones. You’ll be doing five workouts per week consisting of:
    • Three walking workouts - easy to follow and adaptable to your own fitness level, including intervals and drills to boost your endurance (approx. 40 mins each)
    • Two strength training workouts - simple yet kickass moves using your own bodyweight and household objects (approx. 20 mins each)
  • Personal coaching support via our members-only forum — post a question, and we’ll answer it within 24 hours on weekdays & 48 hours on weekends...every time. We got you, babe.
  • A Warm-Up Week to set your intentions, clear out self-critical beliefs, and prime your mind — before the workouts begin.
  • The Up & Moving Gear Guide with essential information on shoes and gear.
  • Access to a private Up & Moving blog packed with high-inspiration videos, self-discovery & journaling prompts, stories & interviews with women who move (and seriously groove).
  • All for just £49. Check xe.com for latest exchange rates
Julia Jones
Julia Jones
Up & Running Coach

Julia Jones is here to support you all the way to the finish line. In almost twenty years of coaching, she's trained thousands of people to achieve their running goals, from 5K to marathon to Ironman to the famous Marathon des Sables. No matter how big or small your question, your coach is here to help!

Coach Julia Jones

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